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Healing is a journey of discovering the intelligent design of our body and its innate ability to heal itself. Let me guide you through that process so you can thrive in health.

When you book an appointment with me, I use supplementation of herbs, vitamins, minerals and whole foods to support the detoxification and healing of the body. One of my favorite tools to use is Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). It’s a simple tool to assess the health of the body by using different reflex points. NRT allows us to find the right supplements and individualized plan for you. I also utilize enzymes, probiotics, homeopathy, flower essences, and lifestyle changes depending on what your needs are.

Whether you have a specific health concern or are just trying to get healthy I can assist you in that journey.   

Because we are interconnected, one thing affects the other.
When one part of the body is weak then there will be an effect on the other organs.

Common hinderances to healing:

Hormone Imbalances
Hidden Infections
Nutritional Deficiencies
Heavy Metals
Food Intolerances

“I’m here to help you find freedom in health by giving you the tools and guidance you need to live an abundant life.”