Start your journey to health.

Initial Appointment ($120)

Initial appointments are 90 minutes long.
We will discuss your health concerns and goals to
create a personalized health protocol for you.
All appointments are conducted virtually.

Follow-up Appointment ($60)

Follow-up appointments are 45 minutes long.

Follow-ups are scheduled to continue to monitor
the client’s progress as well as address any new health concerns.
All appointments are conducted virtually.

What to Expect?

During the appointment, I will take time to hear your story and discuss the symptoms and concerns you are experiencing. I’ll assess the health of the body using tools like Nutrition Response Testing as well as talk about what you’re eating, daily lifestyle habits, and what supplementation can be used. We will also go over how different emotions like worry or anger can hinder healing and create a customized health plan you for.

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

NRT is a valuable tool used to assess strengths and weaknesses in body systems as well as identify what type of stressor is effecting the particular body system that needs support. Stressors on the body can include different foods, toxins like heavy metals or bacteria, or chemicals that we encounter on a daily basis. NRT can help to narrow those stressors down to what is hindering the body from healing. Eliminating that source of stress by either avoiding the certain food or detoxing from the stressor involved puts the body on the path to recovery.

The beauty of NRT is that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to healing. Two people may have digestive distress, but because we are all unique and the causes may be different, the approach to healing is going to be different for everyone as well.